Massimo Beretta

Cel. +39 349 2159001

Via Enrico Fermi, 30, 35020 Mezzavia, PD, Italia

Massimo Beretta, a master of art, ever since his debut he focused his attention to the Motoring art, with the unmistakable oneiric-metaphysic and neo-futuristic personal interpretation of his favourite subject: the car.

As a collaborator of well-known magazines in the automotive industry, in quality of illustrator, he created posters and billboards for important national and international historical motor events, including “Mille Chilometri Dolomitica”(2004-2013), “Valore tricolore”(2011) and “Passione Engadina”(2013-2014).

His paintings are exhibited in art galleries, car museums and international exhibitions dedicated to historical cars, where he exhibits his painting art technique, mainly made of oils, acrylics and watercolours, as he is sometimes a guest of clubs and brand registries.

He’s very detailed in the description of details, as well as suggestive and emotional in glorifying the protagonist subject of his canvases. He also paints on commission, starting off with drafts to create the finished work that may be made on supports of various kind (cardboard, canvas, wood) and format.

Original works or prints on canvas in limited editions, derived from his very own paintings, dominate the furniture of offices and private homes of either drivers or mere fans.

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