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International Classic is an entirely new experience, centred around passion for classic cars, enveloped in an expansive environment, creating a platform to exhibit cars and accessories, develop new contacts, relationships and opportunities amongst fans, exhibitors and collectors. A virtual area, where you may find large sections dedicated to recollections, in-depth analysis and testimonials from those who were really there.

The goal of is to enable our users to come together according to values such as passion, quality, reliability, expertise and simply sharing, as well as encompass the need to dream and feed your passion. For enhance your determination to pursue more and more ambitious results.

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Grizzly's Tales

The resurrection of Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

In 1958, Luigi Chinetti the USA importer...
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Lamborghini Miura

When I saw it for the first time closely, a coral coloured...
Grizzly's Tales

I go F3 racing with Cooper Mk13

After the 2nd World War motor racing started to make a comeback...
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Vernasca Silver Flag 2018

“See you Friday in Castell’Arquato, you may arrive at whatever...
Grizzly's Tales

At full speed with the Lister Chevrolet

When I first went to the West...


Our magazine has the purpose to share a dialogue between past and present. Cars, motorbikes, competitions, rallies, events and memories… all told from point of view of artisans, drivers, constructors, engineers, as well as tales by common men and women who have a great passion for engines!