To know the ins and outs of the creation, to read about dreams of a child who sees the travelling museum passing by… To treasure stories of work or admiration, which characterise our past and which scan a cultural time which hasn’t stopped but which looks forward and wishes to leave a print through future.



Grizzly's Tales

A World Championship car: the 1960 Cooper Climax T53

The story starts in the late 70s on a trip to...
Right Foot

Ayrton Senna

In 1984, a young driver, destined to take up a key role in...
Right Foot

4th August 1957 – F1 Germany Grand Prix

Nurburgring circuit, 22 Km x 22 laps =...
Right Foot

Mark Donohue

Donohue started racing in 1961 and his career mainly took place in the...
Other meetings

Lionel Martin

Aston Martin, the union between the name of a hill climb race and...
Grizzly's Tales

Time to race with Alfa Romeo 8C Monza

The trip to the circuit took about 30...