How to Record Your Classic Car Country Tour?

Classic car tour

Classic car country tour is a tour in which you enjoy a lot this tour, it is full of discoveries, which is combined with a proper driving sense and joy. You need a vintage car, drivers and passengers enjoy the tour a lot. For classic car tours, you need a vintage car. Whenever someone goes for a tour they want it to be recorded so they can make their memories alive. Then the dash cam is the best camera for recording a high-quality tour. Dash cam has high-speed recording up to 60FPs If you are going for a country tour in your classic car. It has a GPS for tracking location. Dash cam has a time-lapse feature too and a night mode in which you can record videos at night. Dash cam is the best camera for recording your classic car or truck tour.

Not everyone loves to travel but some people love tours very much. For them, tourism is very important and they know what to do, but not everyone knows how to get prepare themselves for tours. Tour requires a lot of passion. And several things to take care of. And if someone loves photography then they should take their cameras along with them, they can do photography there and record high-quality videos for their content.

For a classic car tour, you must have a classic car, you must choose the best season and location, best route, and exciting persons with wonderful moments. When you are deciding on a tour you must take notice of selecting your right vintage car. Now it comes to record your tour you will need the following steps to follow to record the right classic car country tour:

GoPro camera:

GoPros are the best cameras for you to carry on a road trip with you. They are small in size and you can fix them or set them anywhere in or on the car. This will help you a lot in capturing high-quality driving videos. For your recording of a car tour, you need a GoPro camera which you can use at the place of dash cam. If you are really into this then you have to understand some tips to record your video with a GoPro camera, which is as follows:

Lifestyle shots:

When you record your classic car country tour don’t forget to capture some lifestyle moments and also capture your partner’s random clicks. And when you feel it’s getting bored now then capture yourself as well. You can record all these moments with your camera. Its all about your journey so make it as memorable as you can.

Try to capture with different angles:

When you are shooting a country car tour then don’t forget to capture your tour with different angles. One angle wouldn’t be enough. Try to capture with multi angles. Your videos will be more attractive and interested. When you will mount your camera at different places then you will be able to capture the footage of your actual car and also your partners. Try to take shots of your vintage car wheels. It will make your video more professional.

Time-lapse mode:

Time-lapse is the most important thing to remember when you re shooting your tour otherwise your video will be boring as it will cover the whole tour so it’s better to shoot in time-lapse rather than shooting the whole video of your journey. Choose an interval setting and set your camera at the dashboard very trickly. It will make your video more interesting. Try to make the quick clips of your journey.

Adjust the shutter speed:

If you want your time-lapse to be good then use the longer shutter speed it will help you blur all the moving objects in your time-lapse. It will give your video an artistic touch and it will also look aesthetic. It will look smoother.

Best frames and resolution:

It is important to shoot in high resolution and a nice frame. Try to capture more frames per second. Your video will be crystal clear. Try to record all the incidents which you think are attractive and your GoPro as a dash cam will make it possible for you to zoom in as much as you can. It will give you full coverage and HD footage.

Extra batteries and chargers:

If you are going to drive more than a few hours then don’t forget to take chargers and cables to charge your camera. You will need it for sure. If you want to capture more than usual then the battery timing will be finish in 4 hours and you will need a charger. It is very convenient to buy an extra battery.

Choose a vintage car you love the most and it will add some adventure and excitement to your tour. All the above discussed are some hacks to shoot your country car classic tour.


Classic car country tour