Liberia Dell’Automobile

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Corso Venezia, 45, 20121 Milano, MI, Italia

Libreria dell’Automobile was founded more than 40 years ago, with the purpose of diffusing historical and current affairs books in several languages, all focused on the cars and motorbike world, aimed at motoring enthusiasts. Since it opened its doors, in 1973, Libreria dell’Automobile, has been located in Corso Venezia, in Milan, in the prestigious building of the Automobile Club d’Italia. Today, it’s the most specialised and refined bookstore in Europe, and certainly it’s amongst the first worldwide due to the number of titles proposed (around 12,000), as well as for the warm and professional atmosphere that it conveys to visitors.

Clients may find books and DVDs regarding cars and motorbikes brands, motor technique volumes, technical volumes for repairs and maintenance, volumes on off-road vehicles, military vehicles, motorsports and drivers, annuals. Furthermore, there is also a vast and precise documentation on lorries, vans and buses, tractors, collectors modelling, fire and rescue vehicles, bodywork mechanics and designers. As well as posters, calendars and magazines from all over the world.

Libreria dell’Automobile is also a branch for the Italian Touring Club.

The Collector’s Corner is extremely interesting, where several rare articles are proposed, which were extracted from volumes which are now out of print and for which only exclusive numbered lithographies are available. Mille Miglia enthusiasts may also purchase reproductions of the historical photographs taken from the Archivio Sorlini, whose author was the official photograph in the years 1947-1957 of the Brescia race.