Giorgio Nada Editore

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Via Claudio Treves,15/17, 20090 Vimodrone, MI, Italia

Founded in 1988, Giorgio Nada Editore is a publishing house for the motor industry. With a catalogue including over 300 titles, they’re a leading publishing house in Italy in this industry and are very well renowned also internationally. Around 10 years ago, it entered into a partnership with the Gruppo Giunti, which guarantees them a more capillary distribution on the territory.

“The most beautiful and most important car is the one which I’ve yet to construct”. The words of Enzo Ferrari, regarding the cars created by his company. Transferring this famous words to the publishing industry, you may say: “the most beautiful and most important book, is the one which we’re yet to publish”.

This is the philosophy which has driven and animated Giorgio Nada Editore, in the nearly thirty years of business. From the “pioneer” volumes of their debut, which were already signed by great journalists in the industry, as well as by skilled and keen enthusiasts, to the most recent publications, the spirit and purpose are still the same: to spread and divulge the history of cars, motorbikes and of engine-operated means of transport in general.

A story, or better, many stories which are real culture and tell about techniques, industry, sports ventures but especially, of more or less known men, who are all able to fulfil dreams and feed passions. A story which we hope to be able to tell for many years to come yet.