Angelo Rosa

Cel. +39335 315378 – +39345 7929153

Via Giardini, 452/c, 41100 Modena, MO, Italia

Angelo Rosa, photographer, is my job.

I have more than 60 years of which 40 of activities, and I work in Modena.

I specialize in photography for mechanics and food.


It’s four words: Motor Valley and Food Valley.

Modena is the center of all this, the queen in both areas.

Until I was young I photographed for Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini but also for De Tomaso and Bugatti, it was natural, you lived in the middle and did Industrial Photography, sooner or later they called you.

Then with time, I worked with Auction Houses dealing with the same prestigious brands, documenting the restorations and photographing the finished car, in external locations or in the studio.



• Documentary photographs of work done,

• Follow all the workings of a restoration,

• Photographing collections and private cars in their homes (the only thing I can cite without violating privacy is that of the Nicolis Museum)

• Follow and photograph finished cars in particular locations.

It’s a wonderful experience to follow a car from the moment of purchase to the ultimate splendor.

Between these two moments, I document the stripping, the repairing the body, the opening and the refurbishing engine, the renewing mechanical, electrical and upholstery parts.

I have thus known the best of craftsmanship in Modena and around, touching the technical and historical knowledge of every brand and model, in addition to the real passion and undisputed freedom of those who work in this area.

All this is unique in the world, to me it is touched the luck of witnessing it.