Ermanno Cozza

I started being a part of the Maserati world in 1951 after attending the Technical School Fermo Corni in Modena. 66 years later, I still collaborate with the house of Tridente which has passed the Tridentite virus on to me. It’s a harmless virus, but you can rarely recover. Many estimators consider me as Maserati’s historical memory, in relation to the Gran Turismo car races, step after step, I’ve shared the most important moments of this long and extraordinary work experience.

I’ve lived the Maserati legend passionately. I started as an apprentice, working my way up the ladder, from first-level skilled worker to executive. Workshop, experience department, technical office, post-sales customer service. I activated the archive and the museum.

In 1986 I was honoured with the “Maestro del Lavoro” (Master of Work) reward, by the Ministry of Work.