Peter Revson

Peter Revson
After studying at the prestigious American Cornell University, Revson could have become the manager of a leading cosmetic company: Revlon. Revvie preferred motorsports.
Initially, he raced in the Sports category, then, in 1963, he moved to Europe and he bought a Formula Junior. In the following year, he drove for Lotus-BRM, in the Parnell team, with no success. He won Sebring, Monza and Spa with the Ford GT40, together with his partner Skip Scott.
He debuted in the USAC and Can-Am races and he continued to race in the American races until 1969, the year when he came fifth at the 500 miles in Indianapolis. In 1970, he came second at the 12-hour in Sebring, partnering with Steve McQueen.
In 1971, McLaren hired him for the Can-Am races where he dominated the scene and he gained a reputation for being a very fast driver. McLaren also hired him for F1 in 1972 and he shocked everybody with 4 podiums and due to the sponsor Yardley, Revlon’s competitor! 1973 was the great year, he won in Great Britain and in Canada. In 1974, he chose an emerging American team, Shadow.
During the practice of the South African GP, his car ended up off the road, Hulme ran to his help but it was too late. After his death, his book “Speed and Style” was published, whose title encloses Peter Revson in three words, a man who was brave enough to live outside the box.