Luppi sas di Fabio Luppi & C.

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Via Raimondo dalla Costa, 190/e, 41122 Modena, MO, Italia

Tappezzeria Luppi Sas is specialised in refurbishing interiors of Ferraris of any age. They may provide complete fittings in prestigious materials, such as Connolly leather, Frau leather and Skai leather, created based on original models and ready to be fitted on any car.

We’re also able to provide carpet sets ready for fitting in both passengers’ compartments and boot.

If the client wishes us to, we are able to perform complete restoration by holding the car at our workshop.

Tappezzeria Luppi, has been specialised in the trimming department for over forty years, we are one of the most sought-after and qualified renovators of high-class car interiors, especially for Ferrari. We’re also experienced in refurbishing other cars, such as Maserati and Lamborghini.

Tappezzeria Luppi ensures the uttermost originality of restoration, which is performed with carefully selected refined materials, to maintain the classic appearance of the car.