Colotti Trasmissioni di Colotti Marco

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Construction and sale of products we have been designing since 1958.

Calculation, design, and 3D drawings inherent in power transmissions for each type of vehicle.

The history of Colotti Trasmissioni begins in 1958 when Valerio Colotti establishes the “Tec-Mec”. This is the result of a five year experience in the technical department both at Ferrari and at Maserati where he projects the differential, the suspensions, the steering gear, the brakes and the chassis for the 250F, F1 World Champion in 1957.

The history of Colotti Trasmissioni is so long and such interesting.

Unfortunately the founder of the factory, the world-famous designer Valerio Colotti, died on 19 January 2008, but also the new MEF, Enzo Ferrari Museum, put him among the people that made the History of Automobilism.

The commitment and the pride of his son Marco assured that the technical and human aspect of Colotti Trasmissioni will be continued in his father’s name.



2D and 3D CAD, 3D CAD design, calculation, design and CAD drawings inherent in power transmissions for each type of vehicle.

Study, project and construction for commercial and non-commercial vehicles, gearboxes, differentials, mechanical parts in general, reducers.

Study, design and construction of gearboxes, or power transmission in general for outboards, or on board, with any type of engine.

Design, calculation and construction of gears for any motorcycle brand.