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In 1954, Giuseppe Candini starts working in the racing and customer assistance department at Maserati, where he works until 1957.

In that occasion, Giuseppe has the opportunity to meet several racing drivers, including the 5-times world champion Juan Manuel Fangio.

This acquaintance and friendship was consolidated and proven through the many visits paid by Fangio to the new site of the Candini workshop.

In 1958, he works in a Lancia workshop in Modena, where he has the opportunity to create a Junior single-seater and achieve excellent results straight away.

The passion for the Tridenti s very strong, and it drives him to open a workshop in Bomporto, in 1963, then, in 1974, he moves to Sorbara, in the province of Modena, where he lives.

In 1987, he achieves the official Maserati mandate and he moves back to the new Modena site, where he still is nowadays.

We perform any jobs on the mechanic components, full engine review, brak-ing systems, gearboxes and differen-tials, suspensions, front and rear chas-sis. We perform simple services, ordi-nary and extraordinary maintenance, as well as the review of the individual parts for all classic and modern Maseratis