photo of motorcycle DKW 500 ULD, AUTO UNION

DKW, founded in 1916 in Saxonia is the acronym for “Das Kleine Wunder”, The Small Wonder, and it was the largest motorcycle company worldwide. It distinguished itself for innovation and technical liveliness, it made DKW the technological leader in the industry . It was actually in the racing department in Zschopau that the 500 ULD was born. The ULD model derives from the “U” due to the “U” shape of the double piston, the “L” which stands for “Lader” (compressor) and the “D” which stands for “Drehscieber” (rotating valve).



The 500 ULD was a water-cooled two-stroke twin-cylinder motorbike. It had two double pistons, fed by two pumping-piston blowers mounted vertically before the engine and drawing there mixture through a transverse rotary valve.
The motorbike in the picture is owned by the Museo Schloss Augustusburg, which is around 70km from Dresden. This castle from the 1200s has one of the richest motorbike collections in Europe, making it an unmissable destination for historical motorbike enthusiasts.



Year of production: 1938
Engine: Water-cooled, two-cylinder, two stroke double-piston engine with counter-rotating charging pump and rotary valve inlet control
Output: approx. 50-53 hp at 6,200 rpm
Power transmission: Chain
Gearbox: DKW four-speed racing gearbox
Frame: Duplex frame
Wheelbase: 1,440 mm
Unlanden weight: 160 kg
Top speed: 185 km/h
Fuel consumption: approx. 12 litres / 100 km
Construction period: 08/1938