Is a virtual marketplace which celebrates the work and experience of those who have provided their contribution in taking care of creations which make hearts beat faster and bringing to streets worldwide, that emotion which you may only understand by listening to your soul’s voice.


International Classic’s mission is to create the Community for those who love classic cars and motorbikes, by connecting experiences, abilities, information, testimonials, values and passions.

A virtual marketplace which is aimed at helping you to live the same emotion that you feel when you look each other into your eyes, and you see them sparkling with the same passions. We want it to make you feel the respect that you feel when shaking hands with someone who didn’t save one centimetre of their skin to find that hidden corner of an engine, where to fix that missing bolt, even by a few millimetres. We want it to help you to live and re-live all stories and testimonials which made classic cars and motorbikes a heritage of emotions and values.

Where you may read testimonials, see images, watch videos to spread knowledge and keep track of those who provided a valuable contribution to the birth of cars and motorbikes which are still today the quintessence of pure beauty. Because all of this mustn’t be allowed to disappear.


International Classic was born from the belief that behind each classic car or motorbike, there is a soul destined to live many lives because it belongs to the creations made by men, inspired to something even greater.


It is called Ouroboros. It is a very ancient symbol. It is the snake eating its own tail, representing something with neither beginning nor end. International Classic relates to this sign, signifying that the project of bringing a classic car or motorbike back to life gives impulse to human being’s desire to make something valuable last forever, by passing it on from generation to generation.